Monday, December 14, 2009

Project Start Template

Business projects requiring a technology solution require the ability to reduce the big picture to something tangible and actionable.  There are many difficulties in being able to successfully translate the "business desire" into something meaningful that the Technology team can deliver.  Many of those difficulties will reside in the vision and scope arena.  The ability of the business managers to relate their desires can be enhanced by applying the Project Start templates provided here.  The map is but a frame work exposing a number of areas that must be discussed and agreed upon in order to understand what the deliverable will be and in what time frame it will be delivered.

Mind Map (Mindjet MindManager Pro 7): ProjectStart Template
Map PDF: ProjectStart PDF
Map Image: ProjectStart Image

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lessons Learned

Lessons can be learned from many events in the business world. For a project lasting more than a couple of weeks you will likely desire to see if there is something that could be improved for the next time around. Processes, documentation or something as simple as meeting agendas can be improved by gathering input from ALL persons involved with a project.

The map information provided here should aid in the capture, assessment and implementation of lessons learned.

Mind Map (Mindjet MindManager Pro 7): Lessons Learned Map
Map PDF: Lessons Learned PDF
Map Image: Lessons Learned Image

Monday, May 18, 2009

Problem Management - A Manager's Problem Map

If you've been involved with any indicent, no matter how small, you know that data becomes available not as you need it (linearly reported, always true/fact) but as it is generated. Many times that data could be things you only need after the immediate problem is mitigated - it is historical about the problem but not useful for the immediate reaction period. This mind map will give you an easy place to collect all incoming data, catalog it and then act upon it when the timing is appropriate.

The user is encouraged to start capturing information on the map as quickly as possible upon notification that a "problem" exists - branching information as is helpful to ensure everything is noted on the mind map.

Mind Map (Mindjet MindManager Pro 7): Problem Statement Map
Map PDF: Problem Statement PDF
Map Image: Problem Statement Image